• Of the total informal market estimated at 189 000 establishments nationally, spazas carry the weighting estimated at 134 000
  • Total spend in the informal sector estimated at R75 billion
  • 20% of all money spent in South Africa, is spent in the informal market
  • 10.5 million households nationally in and around spazas
  • 21.5 million adults in and around spazas – 41% of the population of South Africa
  • Informal store sales are keeping pace with modern shops and are growing at about 10% a year, compared with 9% growth in modern stores
  • The volume of goods sold is growing at 7%, compared with volumes in the modern stores, which are growing at 4%
  • Informal retail visits per month out number formal visits 5:1 and can be as high as 17:1

Source: Unilever UCT Institute 2015 and an article by Craig Henry, MD of Nielsen SA.