5Minutes2Town is a quick to market (as our name suggests) solution for commercial brands wanting to access the difficult but lucrative, informal market through spazas, salons/barbers and pharmacies.

We currently access and engage with over 60 000 outlets per month, with a projection in place to achieve in excess of 100 000 outlets per month by mid 2018. We provide brands direct access to the decision makers.

We have a national foot print, with pilot projects moving into Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

We are a quick, agile, dynamic and fast solution delivering in denominations the sector can afford.  We are positioned to deliver proactively daily with broad geographical reach, regardless of terrain or traffic. We also have a vehicle solution, that delivers when required, in larger denominations on orders placed via the bike drivers on GPS co-ordinates.

Our unique bike delivery system allows for quick and effective access to spazas, ensuring we optimize our reach. 150cc bikes can access freeways and are monitored with C-track.

We believe in creating opportunity for our staff and have created a holistic rewards system based on performance that allows our staff to share in our company’s success. Our staff receive extensive training which ensures they offer the highest level of service while maintaining their own safety, as well as safety for those around them.