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Smart route-to-market solutions based on bespoke research and one of the largest informal retail market databases in the FMCG category.

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Fit-for-purpose sales and distribution programmes to drive penetration and market share growth

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Estimating SA’s informal economy – a hefty contribution

Using a small-area census approach, this article reports on changes in informal micro-enterprise activity in the Cape township of Delft between 2010 and 2015. The number of micro-enterprises has doubled (from 879 to 1798) in five years, with growth recorded in almost...

Migrant spaza shops: business lessons from Soweto

A survey on the operations of spaza shops in Soweto  revealed  migrants’  eccentric  business strategies and resilience dynamics. Trynos Gumbo and Simamkele Bokolo analyse the results. Almost all urban centres of the world are experiencing soaring informal economic...

The development of Spazas in South Africa

It is useful to understand how spaza shops have developed in South Africa. “‘Spaza’ means ‘hidden’ in Zulu.  The term arose during the apartheid era, when restrictions were placed on black people running businesses” (Bear, 2005). During the apartheid era, many of...